Top boarding schools in the U.S. Oaks Christian homestay program offers unique living options


A California Boarding School to call Home.

Oaks Christian School aims to support students to become the best they can be.  As part of this focus, we believe creating a healthy environment for them to grow as individuals and mature into confident young adults is vital.  As a Christian boarding school, we believe creating a sense of family, faith and encouragement is central to this goal.  Whether a student chooses the dorm or our homestay program, they are joining the OCS family.  Our staff, faculty, deans, residence life staff, homestay and dorm parents work to see every student as a unique individual and an important part of our community.

Our support extends to students every, single, day – through the good and challenging times.  This earns us the accolade of one of the top boarding schools in the U.S.  Students understand they are cared for in a way that strengthens their confidence and knowledge that they are loved and valued.

At Oaks Christian boarding school, staff and faculty serve as dorm parents.  Our homestay parents are selected from our staff, parents, alumni and recommendations from trusted friends and family members.  All parents complete an application, interview and are background checked.  In addition they receive house visits prior to approval.

Other notable programs that reflect our caring culture making us a top boarding school in the U.S.:

  • Prefect Leadership Mentoring – a program where small groups of students are guided by a prefect.
  • Advisory