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Questions Answered about Boarding Schools in California

Who will live with the students? 
Similar to many Christian boarding schools, selected staff and faculty serve as dorm parents and assist the residence life staff with activities. There are four faculty/staff suites per floor.

What is the occupancy for each dorm room?
Four students are assigned a 1,000 square foot suite that is comprised of 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Each student will share a room with another student and will be provided with a bed, 4 dresser drawers, an armoire, desk, chair and night stand. The shared bath has a shower, toilet, 2 sinks and cabinet storage. Our reputation as one the best schools in California extends to our residential building and dorm rooms which boast state-of-the-art design with some of the most comfortable amenities available.

Do students purchase a meal plan?
Meals are included in the tuition and fees. Students will be provided 3 meals daily during the week and 2 meals daily on the weekends. In addition to the provided meals, students have access to 3 full kitchens in the building, including various lounge and dining areas.

Are there social activities?
Every weekend there are activity signups to keep students engaged.. These trips will take advantage of all that Los Angeles and CA have to offer.

Can students leave the dorm?
Students in good standing may sign in and out. The level of approval needed is dependent on the student's plan and guardian approvals. We are a REACH school.

Is the dorm closed during holidays?
Like many Christian boarding schools, the dorm is closed four times during the school year, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Ski week (February) and Easter.

Can students move from dorm to homestay and visa versa?
Housing is determined on an annual basis. Requests for changes can be submitted for the following year.

Can students board short term? 
At this time, students can select boarding for one year or longer. Stays under one year will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to occupancy.

Is there a 5-day boarding option?
Families have the flexibility to sign students out any time with permissions and approvals. This provides an excellent option to families who live in the region, but too far to be considered a day student. These and other like options make it one of the most flexible boarding schools in California for residents of the state.

Is there a different cost for 5-day boarding option?
No. We offer a program with maximum flexibility, but there is no difference in cost. g. See  Tuition and Fees.

Does the school provide insurance? 
All domestic students will be required to provide proof of insurance. International students will be automatically enrolled in our medical plan and billed for the premium. The medical plan is for 12 months.

Can students come for a gap year?
Yes. We aim to meet a multitude of student needs and situations. For gap year students, the application process is the same.