Oaks Christian California boarding school with Modern Residential Facilities


State-of-the-Art Christian Boarding School for Boys and Girls

From its inception, the OC Reslife dorm was thoughtfully designed to be the heart of culture, community, safety and academics for students living within its walls. With the aim of growing and developing students, residents will enjoy independent, college-style living with many comforts of home, along with technologically advanced amenities that will support them to be successful. Together, they make for a California boarding school experience like no other.

A unique Christian boarding school for boys and girls, the goal is to create better global citizens beginning with immersing them in a rich culture of learning and friendship. Additionally, students have access to the OCS campus after school and on weekends, including the café, pool, athletic fields and library. The new Reslife dorm is located on the high school campus. The facility boasts several features including:

  • Gender-specific dormitory floors, which accommodate approximately 160 domestic and international students
  • Designated study, lounge and game areas
  • High-tech security system
  • 3 full Kitchens
  • Movie and Gaming rooms
  • Chapel
  • Fitness facilities