Oaks Christian music boarding school offers ways to inspire, cultivate and grow themselves.


At Oaks Christian education is about more than just academics. We believe we have a responsibility to build the individual character of each of our students and this is in both academics and activities outside them. We have the resources and size that allows us to foster growth in all areas which inspire and encourage students to become their best selves. Using individual learning pathways and specialized institutes our students can go deeper in specific areas of the arts and STEAM programs.

The goal is to have students leave equipped with the social, emotional and organizational skills they need to be successful in college and in their life.

Performing Arts: A Visual Arts, Theatre and Music Boarding School

The arts program adds breadth to an Oaks Christian School education. It not only pushes students to dramatically improve their talents, but it also provides knowledge, experience, and practical application. Visual and performing art courses offer students the opportunity to explore and discover their inherent creative gifts, and to share these gifts in significant ways. The combination of expert teaching, student-centered learning, and superb facilities makes Oaks Christian School, an ideal place for students to experience the joy of artistic expression and to grow richly in their creative endeavors.

An Athletic Boarding School

The school offers a wide range of sports opportunities for young athletes.  The focus of the Oaks Christian Lions athletic program is to develop positive and confident young men and women who express exceptional character and high moral values on and off the field. We embrace the belief that the athlete's character comes first and winning is secondary. When winning is kept in the right perspective, our student athletes are allowed to develop without fear of failure. They learn to understand the value of praise, as well as that of constructive criticism.

A Faith-Based Boarding School

The interplay of scholarship, spiritual formation, and service defines the vision of the OCS Spiritual Life Department as we seek to employ "knowledge and vital piety" as a means of serving and changing the world. We present and model Christ to students as a life-choice worthy of deep consideration, without fear of discrimination or disadvantage.